Lightweight 0day Protection Products It is stable and reliable to escort your enterprise safety

  • Defend 0day Attacks In Advance

    The Insight Platform relies on the Cloud Repository of the Kunlun Lab to provide “defense in advance” against 0day attacks, providing customers with first-time protection against 0day attacks bypassing a long, unguarded “exposure period”.
  • Initiative Response to Nday Attacks

    The Insight Platform provides protection against Nday attacks that are at high risk and still have an active lifespan, eliminating the need for complex patching, validation and adaptation work for customers and providing seamless, zero-intervention protection.
  • Enhanced Security

    Based on advanced capability on behavior analysis and enhanced security, this technology detects and intercepts any possible attacking, achieving at defense in depth.
  • Platform Protection

    The overload of the Insight Platform is also deployed on the host where the management platform is located, providing the management platform with a range of protection mechanisms.

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Kunlun Lab

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based on our solid 0day vulnerability attack and defense capabilities, Kunlun Lab is committed to transforming cutting-edge vulnerability attack and defense research results into exclusive security defense solutions to deal with the security problems caused by various unknown advanced vulnerabilities faced by enterprises and organizations. Help enterprises find, evaluate and defend against unknown vulnerabilities in advance, and build a more perfect defense in depth system.

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Learn about cyberkunlun New generation cyberspace security company focusing on software and system security

  • Company Introduction

    Beijing CyberKunlun Technology Co., Ltd is a new generation cyberspace security company focusing on software and system security. We have a great many experienced senior experts who have achieved eminence in the direction of software, system and cloud security, as well as security defense and confrontation area. We devote ourselves to proving the most advanced and high-level products for customers among government, finance, carrier, education, medical and internet industry.

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